Jaimie Robinson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), has been trained in clinical counseling by Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work and has worked with individuals and families at Northwestern’s Neurobehavior and Memory Clinic, and the Alzheimer’s Association as a Social Worker.

Type of Counseling Practice

Jaimie builds a relationship with and assists her adult clients to cope and live successfully with

  • life transitions
  • new diagnosis of a chronic health condition
  • life with chronic health condition
  • caregiver stress, depression

Jaimie has a specialized interest and expertise with working with persons living with an early stage dementia diagnosis as well as those who are caring for a family member with a diagnosis of dementia.

What is Counseling?

Counseling is also known as “Talk Therapy.” It is a place for individuals who are struggling or in need of extra support to cope with life transitions, caregiver stress, relationship changes, depression, anxiety and reduce other types of emotional pain. There are many reasons someone might choose to seek counseling. Your reason is unique to your life experience. Please call for your free initial consultation to begin. 


Sliding scale fees available. Starting rate 50 dollars per session.


Jaimie is available to see clients in the evening after 5:30pm and on weekends. Sessions can be held in person at the office, at clients home* over the phone or online through Video Chat. Session frequency varies for each client, but typically sessions can weekly, biweekly, or monthly. *Home sessions occur parts of northside Chicago and may include travel costs.

How to Get Started:

Fill out the online Free Initial Consultation Form, email Jaimie@geriwork.com or call Jaimie at 773-294-4588 (voicemail is confidential)