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    Posted on September 25th, 2011

    Written by Jaimie


    Life Transitions: Few and far between or constant?

    Things Change

    Yes, we all know that life is not always going to stay the way it is right this moment. We are taught to cherish good moments because everything must come to an end. In a normal day we might find that things change often. Our feelings can change from one minute to the next, our schedule changes causing a chain reaction to our day, someone close to us becomes ill or family problems, we make a decision that changes the course of our life- many things change. Sometimes this change is more recognizable than others

    What matters most during these times of change is not always what has changed, but how we are able to live with or cope with the changes.

    Reacting to Change

    Change is not always bad. Sometimes something so great happens we feel so much excitement and energy. When change is harder, or unwelcomed, we tend to have a different way of responding. We might respond with anger, fear, sadness, anxiety or nervousness, feelings of numbness, or any other not-so-good feelings. This could mean that this change deserves special attention.

    Life Transitions, What Are They?

    Life transitions are those moments that we can mark when we moved from one place on our life map to the next. This can be a period of growth like having a new baby or moving to a new home or starting a new job. This can also be a period of hardship that changes our course, like the death of a family member or close friend, forced retirement, divorce, or a diagnosis of chronic medical illness like Lupus, Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetes or Cancer. Some of these types of transitions may not come around very often. But there are some that could show up knocking more frequently.

    What Have Your Recent Transitions Been?

    Take time to review the past 10 years of your life.

    • Are there any times that you felt would be considered a life transitions? If so, how was your experience when responding to the change.
    • What were some of the initially feelings you had when the transition begun, and how did it feel after you become more adjusted?
    • Did you lean on anyone in your life for support?
    • When do you think the transitions ended and life felt more stable?

    Getting support during your life transitions

    It is important to identify when one transitions might be more difficult to cope with on our own. Support can come in many forms including family, friends, religious communities and professional counseling. Often knowing when and how to find support can be challenging, but if you have felt difficult feelings that do not feel normal it can be helpful to discuss this with someone close to you or a professional.

    If you would like to talk about a recent transition in your life please contact Jaimie Robinson, LCSW at (773) 598-9336 or email Jaimie.marie.robinson@gmail.com. Learn more about GeriWork Counseling Services.

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